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Straw Cleaner

Straw Cleaner

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The best way to clean your straw!

The Nylon straw works best for the smaller straws and smoothie straws. For boba straws, try the Natural bristle straws.

Nylon 8.5” long, 5/16” diameter x 1.5” bristles (This is a vegan brush)
Natural Bristle 11” long , 1/2” diameter x 2.75” bristles (This is NOT a vegan brush)
Natural Bristle with Cotton Tip 10” long , 3/8” diameter x 2.5” bristles (This is NOT a vegan brush)
Sisal Bristle 10" long, 1/4" diameter (This is a natural and vegan brush)
Stainless steel straws sold separately.

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