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Reinforced Water-Activated Paper Tape

Reinforced Water-Activated Paper Tape

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High-powered water-activated tape pre-branded with the message: "Thoughtfully packaged with eco-friendly shipping supplies. Please Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle Me".

Water-activated tape is the best option for high-volume shipping. Plastic tape may require several strips over the same seal to provide the same holding power as just one strip of paper tape.

Size: 3" x 450'
6" Diameter, 2.5" core

Ingredients / Materials

Made from readily renewable raw materials that can be regrown. Plastic free, water based ink, curbside recyclable. Carton-sealing tape is not always 100% recyclable, but it does not inhibit the substrate it is stuck to from being recycled. Our reinforced water-activated tape contains fiberglass for added strength. This fiberglass is screened out during recycling and remanufacturing, and the screened-out components are landfilled.


Cut length needed and spray mist with water to activate. Press firmly to apply. If reusing a box, remove plastic tape first to have better adhesion.


Made in the USA

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