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Refined Sweet Almond Oil | Bulk

Refined Sweet Almond Oil | Bulk

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Our refined sweet almond oil is light yellow and viscous with a characteristic mild odor. It has long been known as one of the most useful, practical, and commonly used oils.

Sweet almond oil is a fantastic carrier oil and also makes a superb addition to body care products. When used in soap making, sweet almond oil saponifies easily and yields a mild soap with good lather. It contains fatty acids as well as vitamins A and E and penetrates easily into the skin. It is quite an effective emollient for moisturizing the skin and hair. Stores well under any condition but extreme heat will lessen the shelf life.

Extraction Method: Expeller-pressed
Refinement Techniques: Physical refinements: bleached, deodorized, and winterized
Intended Use: Cosmetic use only
Precautions: This product contains tree nuts

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Ingredients / Materials

Organic Almonds


Use as a carrier oil for cosmetic use.
Intended Use: Cosmetic



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