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Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker with Stainless Steel Filter

Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker with Stainless Steel Filter

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Wide Mouth Mason Jar Size

Includes: --One heavy duty, very fine mesh, dutch weave stainless steel filter that fits a wide mouth (3″ internal diameter) Mason jar. --Two different silicone seals --One wide mouth stainless steel lid to make everything leak proof and dishwasher safe.

Use it to make cold brew coffee or iced coffee concentrate, hot or iced tea, nut milk, infused water or alcohol, or to filter or strain any liquid – all right in the jar! 

3 sizes available to fit Wide Mouth Mason jars: --Pint filter for 16oz Wide Mouth jars --Quart filter for 32oz or 24oz (Pint & Half) Wide Mouth jars --Half Gallon filter for 64oz Wide Mouth jars Use this filter system to make delicious cold brewed coffee and steep loose leaf tea for the perfect, smooth beverage any time of year! Coffee and tea made through this system is good for you and the environment. 

Ingredients / Materials

Heavy duty 304 stainless steel, will not rust.


Place filter in jar. For a strong concentrate, fill 3/4 full with coarse coffee grounds to allow room for swelling.
Slowly fill jar with water. Let sit at room temperature or in fridge for 24 hours.
Remove filter and compost used coffee grounds.
Dilute coffee concentrate to desired strength with water or other liquid.
Serve over ice or serve hot.
Store cold brew concentrate in fridge.

While brewing, use only the wrap around seal on filter rim. For leak proof storage when not brewing, use flat seal in lid.


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