Our Story

Hi, I'm Julie!

I started BYO Long Beach at the beginning of 2017 with the goal to inspire locals to reduce their trash consumption and focus on reusable alternatives. Perfection is not the goal, but progress.  We can't all do everything, but everyone can do something.

I have lived in Long Beach for about 15 years, and like many people who are environmentally conscious, I had already been in the habit of recycling, bringing my own shopping bags to the grocery store, and bringing my own water bottle.  Beyond that I wasn't doing much to make improvements. Then I borrowed ‘Zero Waste Home’ by Bea Johnson from my library and was so inspired.  Many of the things in the book were things I had tried at one point but got lazy about over the years between having kids and working.  I started my Instagram to help inspire people to challenge themselves beyond what had become routine. I wanted to focus locally on Long Beach because I think this city is full of people who care but may not have the tools, or feel overwhelmed on where to start.  Being a beach city, we are fully aware of the massive problem single-use plastics and disposables have on our oceans and beaches.

I was able to find package-free foods at the farmers market and local grocery stores.  But finding package-free soaps and body care products was near impossible.  I figured that I can’t be the only one looking for these products, so I started a pop-up shop.

My first pop-up shop was at the end of August 2017 and I was so excited to see people interested and supportive! I’m so thankful for both the Long Beach and zero-waste online community.  I’m constantly inspired and energized by talking with locals and getting to know people who are on this path to choose thoughtfully and be intentional about their actions.

Welcome to the BYO community!

Julie Darrell