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Washable Cotton Cloth Pads

Washable Cotton Cloth Pads

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Made from 100% organic cotton.


THONG size 8 inches is great for lining more than absorbing on a thong or a cheekier underwear. 

PANTY LINERS 8 inches are great as a backup for the Dot Menstrual Cup if it fits with your body. Absorption rate is the last day of your flow.

REGULAR pads 10 inches are a standard size. With a steady flow on the second or third day, you should change this 3 times a day, twice on a lighter day. 

OVER-NIGHT pads are 13 inches. They are great on very heavy days, and for overnight. For heavy cycles and if it works for your body, the overnight plus the dot cut are a dynamic duo, a true power couple. 

-Constructed from 4 layers of cotton flannel for absorption

-Attach securely with a plastic snap around your underwear. The wings are two layers of flannel

-Top stitched for optimized comfort

Sold individually to build a set that works for you. 


Wash with your clothes, its fine.

Rinse out at the end of the day, blood stains quickly and deeply. 

Rinse with you in the shower, make a place to let hang dry overnight-then machine wash in a batch with your other laundry.
-Sold individually so you can buy one to try, or buy a variety to fit your personal needs.

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