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Turmeric Root Powder | Bulk

Turmeric Root Powder | Bulk

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A key ingredient in many Indian and Asian dishes, turmeric root imparts an earthy, slightly bitter flavor to foods and beverages. Our organic turmeric powder is ground from fair trade Curcuma longa root. Turmeric root powder can be extracted, encapsulated, used as a seasoning for curries and rice dishes, and employed as a dye.

Turmeric is an important herb in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Turmeric root’s main constituent, curcumin, is thought to be responsible for many of the rhizome’s wellness-supporting properties and results in its brilliant yellow color.

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Ingredients / Materials

USDA Organic Turmeric


Dried turmeric root can be added to tea blends for an earthy flavor. A popular culinary spice, turmeric can also be infused into rice dishes and soups. The dried root can be used in gargles, tincturing, and as a natural dye.



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