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Kosher Sea Salt, Fine | Bulk

Kosher Sea Salt, Fine | Bulk

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Our high-quality sea salt is great for both food and cosmetic use. Available in both coarse and fine grinds, this all-natural, solar evaporated sea salt makes the perfect scrub, bath salt, or addition to your custom formulated bath blends. Our sea salt is gathered from the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast of North America.

Enjoy a truly euphoric bathing experience by combining these all-natural salts with dried herbs, flowers, and essential oils. Salt is vital to good health, and is required by the human body in order to function properly. Sodium functions as an electrolyte, and assists with regulating the electrical charges within our cells. Chloride supports potassium absorption, enhances carbon dioxide transportation, regulates body fluid levels, and is an essential component of digestive acids.

There are few things more satisfying as a therapeutic soak with sea salt. At one time, high-grade sea salts were only available at spas or in expensive bath care products, but now they are more widely available at affordable prices. Our salt is wonderful for softening and rejuvenating the skin, is a great exfoliant for sloughing away dry skin cells, relaxes muscular aches, pains, sunburns, rashes, and irritated skin. Sea salt is a perfect choice for those who wish to make their own bath salts, salt scrubs, therapeutic treatments, and it’s commonly used to make bath bombs, bath teas, soap making, and deodorant. Our sea salts have a low moisture content which helps them to absorb fragrances and essential oils.

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